Friday, October 28, 2011

A Reptile Story

It started quite innocently - the head of a Water leguan (Monitor/Lizard family) appeared at the water's edge . . .

. . . but the next moment it spun around & a lot of slashing & spinning about ensued.

On closer inspection this strangely dinosaur-look-alike appeared to have caught a fish.

As if to "prove a point", the leguan protectively hovered over its unexpected prey - feeling threatened by my pressence?

Well, its flipping tongue certainly made this reptile appear aggressive - trying to intimidate me?

When this didn't work, the leguan turned around, although it continued to "eye" me suspiciously.

Still not at ease, the leguan "took possession" again of its prey . . .

. . . and finally started to feed - which looked more like nibbling, though.

Since this "took place" at the Chobe River (in Botswana), other reptiles are also in abundance - like a (Nile) crocodile.

Revealing aggression appeared to be the "order of the day", & in contrast to the leguan, a large crocodile opening its mouth & revealing its "killer" teeth, certainly has an intimidating effect!

Last but not least & to "round off" this reptile story - 2 tiny geckos eyeing each other ideally "round off" another story.

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