Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Uninterrupted Wilderness

During the last tour [See: previous blog entry] we sighted these 3 Vervet monkeys on a rock in the Sabie River (Kruger National Park) - what was "unusual" about the situation? They were surrounded by water.

The next moment one of the monkeys jumped "through the air", landed on a nearby rock . . . .

. . . . and took off again, now "flying" through the air.

"Down the road" we encountered a herd of elephants, always endearing in the way they intimately care for each other . . . .

. . . . especially revealing concern for the wellbeing of youngsters amongst them.

Members of the cat family often are illusive, especially during the "heat of the day", so "discovering" these lions created great excitement.

When smeared with blood, this lioness appeared, we realised that behind the bushes, the lions had just finished feasting on a kill.

On to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve (KwaZulu-Natal), where the game viewing was rather disappointing, until . . . . we spotted this wild dog. What a sighting - creating great excitement - even for frequent visitors to the wild.

As was the case with the lioness, the wild dog in the road ahead was "coated" with blood. It also was panting heavily - as if it had just "overtaxed" itself!?

This assumption proved to be correct, because "just around the corner", we encountered the rest of the pack of wild dogs feeding frenziedly on a nyala antelope amongst the bushes and right next to the road!

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