Friday, August 27, 2010

Birds in Abundance

Those who regularly visit my blog know that birds are my favourite "targets". Every time I have the opportunity to view a Burchell's coucal so "close at hand", I get every excited, because generally this bird is known to be shy = prefers to hide instead of "posing".

Although flowers aren't in abundance yet during the month of August in the southern hemisphere, birds like this Collared sunbird can find an ample supply of nectar from mainly winter-flowering plants like aloes.

In the Kruger National Park, birds like this Spotted-backed weaver were also in abundance during our last tour.

This bird bath at the day-centre at the Lower Sabie camp is one of my favourite sites in the Kruger Park to observe (& of course, to photograph) birds "at play".

Birds "of all feathers" gather at this bird path to drink & of course, to have a refreshing "splash".

However often I visit the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach (on the False Bay-side of the Cape Peninsula), I don't get tired of photographing these flightless birds, which look so cute when they "waddle" along.

Just as these penguins (formerly known as Jackass penguins, because of their donkey-like braying) breed throughout the year, the moulting process takes place throughout the year, lasting for about a month.

An immature penguin is dependent on either of its parents for food - seen "begging" for it in the photo - which adults regurgitate for the benefit of their youngsters.

After feeding its hungry youngster, the adult penguin is seen relaxing - although the youngster appears to want more!?

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