Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Triumph

By now the whole world knows that the FIFA Soccer World Cup will be hosted by South Africa - this year!! (11 June - 11 July) SA will also be the first African nation to host the world Cup.

Wherever you travel in our country you'll find this "sign" (left) - mostly where accommodation is on offer.

"What was" - the Confed-Cup last year (2009) which was also hosted by/in SA with great success.

Our soccer team is known as Bafana-Bafana, meaning: "the boys".

"The Draw" (groups, games, locations & dates) for the World Cup took place in Cape Town on 4 Dec 2009 - & I was there! (accompanying a German group as tourist guide). What mayhem! The "street party" (in Long Street) was right behind our hotel & wherever you went there were reminders of this BIG occasion, e.g. a large soccer ball (above) at the V&A Waterfront .....

..... or this "cake" (inside the Pick&Pay supermarket also at the V&A Waterfront) .....

..... and at the airport in Cape Town one couldn't
miss Zakumi = the official World Cup mascot (= a "cute" leopard) next to an advertisement featuring the golden World Cup.

Since the beginning of 2009 Zakumi already featured on coke tins (= Coca Cola was one of the first to visibly "advertise" this).

One of 10 stadiums (to be used during the World Cup) = the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town; capacity = 70 000 supporters; to be played here: 6 first round fixtures, 1 second round & 1 quarter final match.

The Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit, where apparently 4 matches will be played; do the "visible" giraffes act as a reminder that the Kruger National Park is nearby?

And this is my favourite - Soccer City (= 1 of 2 stadiums in Joburg/Jozi - the other: Ellis Park) = known as the "calabash" (although it also reminds me of the rings worn by Ndebele women around their necks or ankles). Here the opening ceremony & final will take place (as well as other matches). It can seat 95 000 fans/supporters!

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