Friday, November 7, 2008

Photos Galore

I'm back after a successful tour, which incorporated 4 southern African countries - Zambia, (Victoria Falls), Botswana (Chobe National Park), South Africa and the northern part of Namibia. As you've come to know me, my camera is always my "constant companion", so I've returned with an abundance of photos. During the following days/weeks, I'll post a collection of these photos - which I dedicate to the German guests, whom I accompanied as tourist guide during this trip.

For "starters", I "discovered" that already, Coca Cola is advertising our 2010 Soccer World Cup mascot - ZAKUMI - on its soft drinks tins.

Since we visited many game parks during this tour, I hoped for a reunion with "my" Impi the Impala (the main character of what I hope will be next published book - a "photo-story" (you can get a "taste" of this on my other blogspot: Since I "created" Impi, he's grown from a newborn to a teenager, and I think this photo (left) is a good representation of what Impi looks like a year later.

At the end of my Impi-blogspot, I also mention my next project in a similar vein - Moni the Monkey. Since I discovered "my" little albino monkey during my last visit to the Victoria Falls (in March), I went looking for her during this trip, with the hope that still, Moni was around. I was busy photographing these 2 monkeys (above) during the early morning hours, when a movement nearby caught my attention.

I almost "jumped out of my skin" with excitement, because there she was, "my" unusual little monkey! Of course Moni has also grown up a bit since last I saw her, but there she was "in all her glory". Needless to say - I was "trigger-happy" and endlessly snapped another series of photos of Moni the Monkey (to feature in future photo-stories!!??).

Apart from a "large collection" of fauna (and a few flora) photos, we experienced some magnificent sunsets during this trip, which will be part of my next postings on this blog.

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