Friday, November 21, 2008

Lucky Encounters

Since I returned last night from a short 5-day tour with a chip full of new photos, I want to share 2 of those encounters today. I always feel lucky and privileged when I have the chance to "get so close and intimate" with nature, which of course is also "facilitated" by my job as tourist guide.

Aren't these 2 hyena youngsters cute? I certainly think so. Youngsters seemed to be "the order of the day" during this last visit to the Kruger National Park. We also saw a female warthog with two cute little newborns, this season's first impala fawns and many baboon babies.

We were busy "checking out" from an open safari-vehicle a buffalo kill by lions, with a lioness lying close by, fully sated, when along ambled this magnificent specimen of a male leopard. Now wasn't that lucky?? 2 of the BIG-5 (both "cats") on one and the same spot!!

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