Saturday, September 21, 2013

African Safari

When on safari in the African bush (in this case in the Kruger National Park) being alert is part of life - as these 2 Impala antelopes demonstrate.

However certain sightings can be deceiving - especially if obscured by tall grass - is what we see a so-called camelopardalis?

Sticking out it's tongue after lifting it's head - confirming that it is indeed a Giraffa camelopardalis, which refers to a giraffe's camel-like as well as leopard-like appearance.

At first glance some of the visitors in the open safari vehicle (driving through the Kruger National Park) thought a leopard was "joining" us - however it was a female cheetah . . .

. . . with some very cute youngsters in her wake.

On the prowl was a "mean"- looking spotted hyena . . .

. . . although when lying relaxed on a sandbank one can't help comparing otherwise sinister hyenas with domestic dogs - although strangely the name 'hyena' is derived from the Greek word for 'pig' (probably referring to its eating habits!?)

Last but not least - a lion is usually on the "wishlist" of most visitors on an African safari - in this case a young male guarding its prey: an old buffalo.

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