Friday, June 21, 2013

Who's your Daddy?

Had some fun & interesting responses on my FaceBook wall about this so thought of also sharing  it here on my blog :)

I posed the Question - Who's your Daddy?

Answer - (perhaps) ET ??
It's all about a caterpillar I found in our garden (here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa) & wondered what it would "become" once it "grows up" !?

So here are: the many faces of .......

A caterpillar that looks like ...... a monster ??

That looks like ..... a crocodile ??

That looks like ..... a seahorse ??

That looks like ..... an elephant ??

Yes, certainly looks like an elephant but .......

......... when it does "grow up" it turns into a Hawk-Moth!!!!!!!!!

A weird & wonderful creature - had fun photographing it :)

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