Thursday, May 31, 2012

Like a Painting

Although I've posted something similar before - of some photos turning out to look like paintings - I'm doing it again because I've got some new ones to add.

This is the photo - a serene bushveld scene - that gave me the idea to post photos looking like paintings once more.

Yet another/similar scene . . .

. . . and one I'm convinced I've posted before, but because it's one of my favourite photos-that-look-like-a-painting - here it is again.

Now this is definitely a new "choice" because it belongs to the photos I snapped during the last tour/visit to the Kruger National Park.

"In a row". . . accordingly this photo is also part of another theme I've used before.

The "ideal shot" to end a "session" - a picturesque but also typically magnificent South African sunset.

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