Thursday, January 5, 2012

Camouflage or Illusion

I guess that from a human perspective these zebras are not really "blending in with their surroundings" (= camouflaged) but apparently predators - i.e. lions - are completely "confused" once zebras "bunch together". Like all cats, lions have a poor eyesight, especially during the day - so in this case, all a lion would see is stripes!

On the other hand these 2 Black-bellied korhaan are blending in with the environment & therefore are well-camouflaged.

Is this lioness well-camouflaged, i.e. blending in with the environment - or is it more a matter of colour-coordination?

A cheetah - simply well-hidden by long grass or well-camouflaged?

In the case of this small antelope - a duiker - colour functions as concealment = to deceive an enemy.

In contrast to all of the above, this is more a matter of illusion instead of concealment/ camouflage to escape detection - doesn't it appear as if the giraffe (on the right) is bending closer/kissing/licking the group of vultures "parked" at this watering hole?

To end this as it started = another look at a group of zebras "bunching" together/"displaying" a lot of stripes ☺

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