Sunday, August 21, 2011

Animal Boycott

As usual Impalas were "out in numbers" during a visit to the Kruger National (during the last tour). Since one of these animals features as the main character in my story-with-photos book (= Impi the Impala), I tend to favour (photographing) these typical SA antelopes.

Although by now I'm accustomed to it, I'm still amazed how well-camouflaged many animals are in nature - especially in a "winter"-environment, like these kudus.

Seeing various animal species together (= a kudu female & Vervet monkeys) is also always a pleasure when visting a Game Reserve, BUT if one of them reveals how "invasive" humans are, it's a sad situation: check out the "human" article in the paws of the monkey (= at bottom of photo).

Then "along comes" the ideal photo-opportunity - a Red duiker "posing" instead of more customarily running "for cover". So this one didn't boycott a rather perfect photo-opportunity . . .

. . . and these Bushbabies (at the Bushlands Lodge, KwaZulu-Natal) also didn't boycott "their special" buffet whilst we were there.

This Striped mangoose also appeared more interested in what it saw than taking to its heels . . .

. . . but then there was this young elephant bull in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve (KwaZulu-Natal)! We were rounding a corner in an open safari-vehicle & I guess, the elephant felt threatened by our approach, because he came charging at us! The ranger hastily reversed, but still the elephant chased after us. Needless to say, we got away BUT not along the road we wanted to travel! Later, back at the lodge, we learned that this elephant had truly boycotted us, because just around the corner (= behind the vehicle in the photo) a leopard was sighted - and we just missed that special opportunity.

I guess in a sense this buffalo (& a whole herd!) also boycotted us in the sense that it/they appeared when it was already too dark to take "clear" photos.

But the "biggest" boycott can be "blamed" on the Southern Right whales, which frequent our coastline at this time of the year - this was the ONLY whale we saw (properly) in the time-frame of a whole week!

On the other hand, this whale really "performed" & therefore was a pleasure to watch AND, I guess, blaming the whales for not appearing isn't fair either - instead the weather was the actual "culprit" = windy/stormy.

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