Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back Online

Just returned from the last tour for this season & here are some of the photographic "experiences" I shared with a wonderful group of German-speaking tourists - soon after entering the Kruger National Park in open safari vehicles, we had the privilege of "meeting" a pack of 5 young wild dogs. It had rained during the night & "customarily" they found "refuge" from the wet environment on a quicker-drying tar-road.

It's always a privilege to see these wild animals in the wilderness, because wild dogs are usually "on the move" (seldom sit down or stand still & are therefore difficult to photograph) other than being rather "scarce" (= the wild dog is an endangered species & was "just" saved from extinction).

Not only did the sun "come out" to illuminate this special sighting, but a few of the wild dogs "used" the opportunity to lie down - posing like tame dogs in contrast to being highly dangerous, deadly & relentless carnivores. The wild dogs' powerful jaws can tear exhausted victims apart with ease, whilst they rip pieces from the flesh from a panic-stricken prey still trying to flee!

A far more peaceful scene "greeted" us in the Hluhluwe Game reserve - 2 of the most "typical" savannah species, a giraffe & zebra (with youngster) "blocked" our way.

Did this female giraffe lick its lips - or was it sticking out its tongue at us?

This is 1 of those "unusual moments" seldom recorded: of 6 (actually it were 8 - I wasn't able to include 2 others in the same "frame" ) White rhinos grazing peacefully together. "Recording" this kind of scene is only "possible" in Hluhluwe, where the concentration of these wild animals is very high - otherwise the males would fiercely protect their territory & not "allow" others to simply "enter".

Oh yes - & then there was this "baby rhino" grazing all by itself!? Or so it was assumed until I pointed out that "unfortunately", it was a male warthog.

All of the above photos were taken with my "smaller" camera because my usually dependable Canon camera had "decided" to "pack up" - this photo of a hyena youngster was the "last shot" - I really missed out on a magnificent picture! So goodbye to my previously "trusted friend" . . .

. . . & hallo to the "new one" - I felt "forced" to "upgrade" (= bought a new camera in Cape Town) & this photo of a Grey squirrel (= an "introduced" species to South Africa) is 1 of the first I "snapped" with the upgraded camera.


Anonymous said...

great photos. I choose to believe the giraffe was sticking it's tongue out at you :-p


Angelika's World in Photos said...

Yes Ali - I believe so too :)

Had a look at you photo-blog - great photos, even if "the world" thru our respective lenses looks "world's apart".