Saturday, March 12, 2011

Animal Highlights

I think of these images (of young Chacma baboons) from the last tour as:

"Every picture tells a story"

But in a world "shared by others", danger often lurks - here in the form of a (young) Nile crocodile.

In the same (reptile) category = a Rock agama - not a dangerous but instead an "interesting" animal.

When travelling in the wilderness (in this case the Kruger National Park) occassionally checking one's rear view mirror might reveal an "unexpected" image . . .

. . . an old & single elephant bull "appears" . . .

. . . whilst ahead & just around a corner, you've missed an elephant herd crossing the road - but you still feel lucky when you see the "stragglers" - an elephant cow & her tiny calf.

I'm feeling similarly lucky/happy when I spot a young impala antelope, which has the "look" = reminds me of the main character in my book "Impi the Impala" [SEE: blog-entry below].

And as the sun sets and you leave the park, images like these impala grazing peacefully before the night settles, "create" a lasting image.

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