Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Numeric Worms

In numerology 11 is a "Master number" (as are all double-digit numbers), meaning today's date is highly significant - so numerologically speaking, this is going to be a wonderful year! We already had 1.1.11; today = 11.1.11 & in November: 1.11.11 & 11.11.11 = this combination 4x this year! By way of "representing" the number 1 "photographically" - one caterpillar. If a caterpillar (= the larva of a moth or butterfly) is brightly coloured that usually "acts" as a warning for e.g. birds that this caterpillar is ditasteful or even poisonous - although some caterpillars are mimicking an unpleasant species.

In everyday language the term 'worm' is applied to various living forms (in contrast to a computer worm) including larvae & millipedes, although generally, worms do not have legs. In alarm a millipede rolls itself up into a neat, flat coil. Did you know that that "accounts" for the popular African name shongololo (= rolled up)?

In comparison with a centipede, a millipede certainly has the greater number of legs but not nearly as many as is implied by its name (= 'thousand-footed') - in line with today's theme again, this is a numbers "game".

It appears that the 2 "worms" have had enough of my scrunity, so they move off in unison - resembling the number 11? When defining numbers (in numerology) even numbers are considered lucky (because good luck comes in pairs) - accordingly 1 = individual; aggressor; Yang & 2 = balance; union; Yin - now if you add 1 + 1 (11) = 2 & voila, an unlucky number "turns" lucky :)

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