Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Spotting

Although weather-wise we already experience summer temperatures, no rain has brought "relief" yet to nature in most parts of our country. Yet the dry conditions are optimal for game spotting, like this giraffe, which is the tallest animal in the world, yet not a member of the BIG 5 [See: previous blog entry].

In contrast, trees growing near rivers are already "decked" in leaves - & act as a "frame" to this Yellow-billed hornbill.

Although listed under endangered bird species, the larger relative of the previous bird, a Ground hornbill, is "well-presented" in the Kruger National Park.

Amongst smaller creatures, just walking around the Skukuza camp in KNP "delivers" regular "inhabitants" like this Tree agama . . .

. . . or a related and more colourful reptile, such as this skink.

Back in the bush, it's always a pleasure to "meet" as handsome an antelope as a kudu male . . .

. . . although I find the far more common impala similarly attractive, especially when "presented" with as magnificent a scene as this rather large herd of impalas "congregating" around a water-hole.

A photogenic scene - impalas "lining up" for a drink . . .

. . . watched from the "side-lines" by 3 impala females.

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