Saturday, May 22, 2010

Best Companion

Even if I'm not "on the road" & able to "shoot" the "usual" photographs, my camera is always at hand & remains my best companion. So when the sun "illuminated" this spiderweb, I couldn't resist the "invitation".

This is the owner/builder of the web above.

A few days earlier I had "snapped" this spider - all I know it's a different member of the spider-family. I'm always happy to photograph what's "on display", but in contrast to being able to identify most birds & wild animals, I'm a total novice with regard to insects/naming them.

This particular spider had spun its web in a place, where many a fly got caught - so naturally I "recorded" the action of this predator firmly "tying up" its prey.

When I snapped this "visitor" in our bathroom, I noticed what I associate with an owl-like appearance - the huge, ringed eyes of this moth.

The moth "changed location" & I had the opportunity to snap it from the front - voila! Not only did I get a good shot of its eyes, but also noticed another interesting feature - its trunk-like snout.

Since insects is "the name of the game", I photographed this fly whilst picking lemons in our garden.

By way of "proof" I also took a photo of what I've told many people but nobody seems to believe is true - every now and again an orange or 2 grow on . . . . this lemon tree!!!!!