Friday, April 9, 2010

In Retrospect

As my "followers" surely are aware of by now, most of my photos are taken in nature with "emphasis" on birds. So during the last tour (yet again with a wonderful group of German visitors) I was excited to see these Whitefronted bee-eaters the moment we entered the Kruger National Park through the Phabeni gate. Unfortunately their nesting sight was "disturbed" by road-works at the riverbank but it still was an amazing sighting.

I always love watching birds enjoying a bird-bath near the day-visitor centre at the Lower Sabi camp, where this Blackeyed bulbul & a Glossy Starling + junior either come to have a drink .....

..... or frolic in the water, as these sparrows & weavers did.

Amongst the smaller animal species we also had the pleasure to come across this chameleon jerkily moving across the road in the park.

Although I'm usually the one making everybody with me during game drives aware of any birds "on display", this lovely couple of Lilacbreasted rollers was "discovered" by a young lady (who has what I tend to call "eagle-eyes") with us in the open safari vehicle.

"Back at the ranch" (= our hotel), I had an early morning visitor in my bathroom in the form of a slug. Of course it became a "target" I wanted to photograph (LOL).

To my delight the slug "decided" to pose "prettily" for a photo of which in retrospect, I'm very proud of.

Outside in the garden I found the "counter-part" to the "visitor" in my bathroom - this time a snail with its shell.

During a rather "bumpy" boat-trip from the harbour in Houtbay to Duiker Island, where a colony of seals are "at home", I was lucky to get this shot of a "flying" seal.

[More photos of some "larger" animals we came across during the last tour will follow]

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