Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soaring Creatures

I recently accompanied family visiting from Germany to Ushaka Marine World (in Durban) - where a dolphin show is on offer apart from a visit to the aquarium. I tend to identify the way these playful and highly intelligent mammals soar high with what I'm about to embark on again for the next 3 weeks - guiding a group of tourists through our beautiful country.

Reaching high - naturally ...

... or to please a fascinated audience. In contrast ...

... this "mighty" shark also soars high but sends shivers of fright (instead of pleasure) down one's spine.

Another shark photo = this (& the previous photo) is what I call "stolen" photos - because I've never had a chance to "naturally" photograph these mighty creatures I photographed placards instead = the magic of digital photography makes it look so real!!

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