Saturday, November 7, 2009

Photos from Namibia

I couldn't resist sharing more photos before I leave again - so with this entry, I'm concentrating on photos taken in Namibia. During a boat-trip on the lagoon of Walfishbay, we were virtually inundated by hordes (sorry, the right word is: flocks) of White Pelicans.

What did our skipper call the "invasion"? Oh yes, the pelicans represent the Namibian air-force. A pelican in flight certainly looks "good".

We had a chance to admire some of the largest desert-dunes in the world during a flight (in small 6-seater airoplanes).

as seen "from the air".

Don't these look just like doll's houses?

Is this a frog? Perhaps a toad?

At first glance this "creature" appears to belong to the amphibian family but actually it's a member of the lizard genus: an agama - which, after all, is described as having a broad, toad-like head.

Although this isn't the first time that I've photographed a dragonfly, I'm "posting" it today ... because I took the photograph in Namibia.

Typically, this Ground squirrel feeds with its bushy tail held over its body like a parasol - to provide shade.

From small to large - a serene scene at a waterhole in the Etosha Game Reserve.

Next entry: "dramatic" lion photos.

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