Friday, July 17, 2009

Nelson Mandela Day

So as to "stick" with the South-African-theme, as one of the new visitors to this blog recommended: "it's strange to find photos from Germany, etc. [See: previous 2 blog entries] on your blog, which otherwise is dedicated to photos taken in SA" - I've decided to do just that again.

Yet today I'm saying au revoir, because I'll be "off-air" until August 1 (= going on tour again) BUT before I leave, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Madiba for tomorrow, 18 July - which apparently will be celebrated internationally each year from now on as Nelson Mandela Day. So the 46664 campaign (pronounced: four double six, six four - which was his number as prisoner on Robben Island) is in "full swing" once more.

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